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For as long as we can remember the best watches have been full price on the High Street. This is because brands control the prices very strictly and do not allow (official) stockists to discount their watches either on the high street or online.

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Did you know that most watch sites online are not authorised dealers of the brands they sell? This includes big names like Amazon, who host some sites which are not official stockists. Here at Watches Shop we tell you which watch sites to shop and be safe and where to get unique and exclusive watch discount codes.
The truth about watches online

How many of you wonder why the best brand watches online are all full RRP? This is due to brand price fixing on the best watches and they control it very strictly. Any online store that discounts their watches online face the threat of having their account withdrawn. Even in America you get the same thing happening. You can go into a Jewellers and buy a watch with about a 10% discount if you ask in store, many will agree, but the internet has always been a place where you can find a bargain, so how do you go about getting a watch that is full RRP in the UK at better than a 10% discount?

The answer is hard to find watch discount codes.

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