Citizen AT4008-51E Eco-Drive
Chronograph Watch

The Citizen AT4008-51E Eco-Drive Chronograph watch is one of the most popular sports design watch in the market today. As you can see, it is not only popular because of its functions and features, but also because of stylish and modern look that it offers. If you love watches with a sporty design that can be worn with any outfit, this is probably the best choice.

When you see the design of Citizen AT4008-51E Eco-Drive Chronograph watch on the Internet or magazines, you won’t really appreciate it. If you do, then you will not be disappointed when you see it in real life. The design of the watch is a lot better than the images that you see on magazines and on various review sites on the Internet. Like what is said earlier, this is a sports design, but it perfectly fits people who wear formal or semi-formal outfits. The Citizen AT4008-51E Eco-Drive Chronograph watch is perfect for different occasions, and it matches any outfit.

If you will look at the actual design of the Citizen AT4008-51E Eco-Drive Chronograph watch, band is made from stainless steel, and it has a black face and dial. The stainless steel highlights the black colour on the watch and it makes it more noticeable. Aside from the main dial, there are three smaller dials displaying the hours, seconds and the current geographical time zone.

Like the other watch models created by Citizen, this watch also has an eco-drive technology. It simply means that you do not need any battery to power up the watch. The Citizen AT4008-51E Eco-Drive Chronograph watch gets it power from light coming from both natural and unnatural light. As you can see, you can charge the watch with sunlight or any kind of light. You will easily know if the watch is already low in power. The second hand moves for about 2 seconds at a time instead of the smooth motion. However, this kind of thing rarely happens unless you stay in the dark for many days. As a matter of fact, you can even use the Citizen AT4008-51E Eco-Drive Chronograph watch for 45 days without charging. As long as the watch is exposed in sunlight or any kind of lighting facility, it will charge continuously so low battery rarely happens.

One of the most popular innovations made by Citizen is the radio controlled timekeeping feature that is present in almost all their watches. The Citizen AT4008-51E Eco-Drive Chronograph watch also has the same feature that it gets the time in the movement of the earth. Also, the time updates by itself depending on your location and it will update regularly. This is the reason why the time is very accurate. The radio controlled timekeeping is basically available in 5 different time zones.

The Citizen AT4008-51E Eco-Drive Chronograph watch is not just your typical watch because it has all advanced features and stylish look that you are looking for in a wristwatch.
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